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About us

Changchun light machine digital display technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the long light display) (formerly the institute of spring machine digital display engineering center), founded in 1986, at the beginning of the economic system reform in our country, according to the "science and technology transfer to the main national economy" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, founded by division of spring machine so digital display engineering center of changchun light machine digital display technology co., LTD, grating sensor's professional manufacturing enterprise.

Chunguang machine Institute is the earliest development unit of grating line displacement sensor in China, is the birthplace of Chinese grating engraving machine, is also the earliest domestic unit engaged in grating ruler mass production, began in the 1950s. Changchun light machine formed by changchun light machine digital display technology co., LTD., under the support of national torch plan projects, the company has completed the non-contact linear detector, laser calibration correction, large optical milling machine and a series of meet the grating production and inspection in a wide range of proprietary equipment, and obtained several patents, formed the independent intellectual property rights in the field of grating manufacture.

The company's products are based on the grating line displacement sensor technology as the core, extending the development of related precision measurement sensors and instruments. Existing grating line displacement sensor, grating Angle displacement sensor, micro-displacement grating sensor, resistance line displacement sensor, digital display table, grating data acquisition card and other specifications of the series products. Grating line displacement sensor is the company's leading product, in the measurement length, precision and other technical indicators in the leading domestic level. At present, the measuring range has reached the domestic first-class level of single grating measuring length of 3.2m and connecting grating measuring length of 30m. The manufacturing accuracy of grating is improved to ±3 ~ ±5 /1000 mm. Since the first grating line displacement sensor was put on the market, over 30 years, the company has provided products with a total length of one million meters to the market, making an important contribution to the technical progress of China's machinery industry, especially the machine tool industry, and to the improvement and improvement of the level of equipment manufacturing industry.

In 2017, Changchun Yuheng Optical Co., LTD, a subsidiary of Changchun Optoelectronics Research Institute, acquired 99.075% of the shares of Changguang Digital Display, achieving absolute control. In early 2018, Changguang Digital Display moved into Yuheng Optical Science and Technology Park as a whole. The middle line displacement (grating ruler) and angular displacement (encoder) of the displacement sensor are effectively integrated by means of enterprise reorganization. Long light digital display with the help of Yuheng optical absolute grating scale national major special r & D industrialization implementation of the opportunity to undertake the industrialization of absolute grating scale, improve the product series, achieve the level of production and manufacturing technology, industrial capacity to expand, for the long-term development of the enterprise provides power.